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Healthy eating is the key to living free of disease and in control of your weight

What We Do

We provide you with a clear strategy for healthy eating & weight loss. Packed with tips on how to change your lifestyle and bring your weight under control. You will find samples of healthy meals, healthy foods and much more!

Our Tools

Start your weight loss journey using our free online tools and calculators. Change your weight forever starting today. Learn what your ideal weight should be and how to get there with healthy eating.

Our Meal Plans

Our healthy eating meal plans are designed to support you in your weight loss journey by taking out the hard work of deciding what to eat everyday. Browse our sample meal plans and delicious recipes 

Our Tips

Use our  well-researched articles on healthy eating to motivate and guide you to change your lifestyle and lower your risk of chronic diseases. Learn what foods are healthy and what are not

Our Story

Secrets of Healthy Eating is a website about living a healthy lifestyle and making smart eating choices to prevent disease by healthy eating. One of the greatest benefits of adopting a healthy lifestyle is having a leaner body. Weight management comes easily once your’e eating healthy food. Whether you are looking for motivation to lose weight, a healthy meal plan, or a healthy diet, you have come to the right place. Discover delicious recipes for weight management and healthy living. Learn how to lose weight and maintain a healthy body weight forever. 

Our e-Books

We have an e-book with 30 days of healthy meal plans and are in the process of creating more diet and recipe books focused on specific needs. Among these will be books plant strong meal plans, anti-inflammatory plans and diets to lose weight safely. Check back soon!

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