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Nutrition Label Worksheet Tutorial

A nutrition label worksheet to help you understand how to read a food label. In May 2016, the USFDA released new rules for the information that is required on a food label to reflect the need for consumers to make healthier food choices to lower risk of chronic diseases. However, food nutrition labels can be confusing, as they have so much information on them. Learn how to read food labels to determine how healthy a packaged food is with this interactive nutrition label worksheet.  Nutrition facts labels are usually found on the outside of food packaging, usually on the side or back. 

Interactive Nutrition Label Worksheet

Food nutrition labels include information on the serving size, calories, dietary fiber, nutrients, and the percentage recommended daily value of nutrients that the product provides. Use this nutrition label worksheet which is in an interactive format, to help you understand what the facts and figures on a typical food label mean.

Nutrition Label Worksheet Quiz

See if you can answer the questions below to test your understanding of how to read a nutrition label.

nutrition labels worksheet
1. What is the total amount of product (in grams) in the package?

2. How many calories would you consume if you ate half the contents of the package?


3. How much dietary fiber does this product contain?


4. Is the amount of saturated fat in this product healthy? 

5. How man teaspoons of salt would be the equivalent of the sodium contained in this product?

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