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What Do You Eat On A Mediterranean Diet ?

The Mediterranean Diet Plan is based on the cuisine of people from the Mediterranean region. Studies have shown that Mediterranean food is healthy and people of this region have less heart disease and live longer than their European counterparts. In a 4 year study carried out in Greece, it was found that people who lived a traditional Mediterranean lifestyle had longer life expectancy and lower risk of heart disease and cancer than people who did not adhere to this lifestyle. Apart from being tasty, Mediterranean food is also heart healthy, and traditionally comes from plant based sources and healthy fats. 

Mediterranean Diet Plan Food List

There are many countries in the Mediterranean region and the people in each country eat different foods. However, there are certain common eating and lifestyle habits that can be observed. The Mediterranean diet is high in plant foods and low in animal foods. However, seafood is eaten at least twice a week and people enjoy regular physical exercise and community involvement. A typical Mediterranean diet food according the the Mayo Clinic list would include the following:

Mediterranean Diet Breakfast Examples

Meal Idea Details

Breakfast 1

mediterranean diet plan egg breakfast

Mediterranean scrambled eggs made with extra virgin olive oil, topped with chives. Served with a whole grain roll.

Breakfast 2

mediterranean diet plan quiche

Quiche made with spinach, onion and eggs, spiced with a little feta cheese and ground black pepper.

Breakfast 3

Mediterranean diet plan toast

Try this delicious breakfast toast of wholegrain bread smeared with peanut butter and topped with bananas.

Breakfast 4

mediterranean diet plan figs

A selection of fruits and vegetables like figs and cucumber served with feta cheese.

Breakfast 5

mediterranean diet plan wraps

Crispy wraps filled with boiled egg, tomato and cucumbers

In conclusion, the Mediterranean diet plan is an easy one to follow as it includes such a big variety of food that is readily available. It is a delicious way of eating healthy. Among the foods enjoyed by the Mediterranean people, the ones thought to play an important role in health and longevity are extra virgin olive oil, fruits and vegetables, especially tomatoes, wholegrains and oily fish.

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