Easy Recipes

Easy Recipes

These are easy recipes to include in your meal plans. Each recipe has been tested, and selected for the ease with which it can be prepared as well for it’s delicious taste and health value.

Also included in each recipe is a nutrition table showing the amount of saturated fat and total calories per serving, as well as number of serves and time to prepare and cook.

Healthy Cooking Methods

Preparing healthy meals requires a change to healthier methods of cooking such as roasting, grilling and baking. This helps to limit the amount of fat used in cooking. As fat often gives food it’s flavour, many of these recipes are spiced up to enhance flavour. Healthy spices such as garlic, ginger and turmeric are often used.

These easy recipes are twists on traditional fare from different cuisines such as Indian, Middle Eastern and Portuguese dishes. They have been adjusted to make healthier meals.

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